About Us
  The Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society

A club for all persons interested in birds and bird keeping.
Our Members are a diverse range of people from all around the world with a shared common interest - Aviculture
The Society is Coordinated by a Committee of club members - this Committee is elected annually by club members at a specific meeting that all members are welcome to attend.
If you feel you can contribute to the operation of our Society in any capacity please contact any Committee Member 
Monthly meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month. All visitors are welcome
Aviary Visits are conducted through out the year.
Our Society sponsors some local School projects.
A Free Exchange Service is offered to all Members where birds can be advertised For Sale or Wanted. The Exchange list is published monthly in our Magazine or the Exchange Steward can be contacted at any time if you want to advertise birds or are chasing a bird.

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Committee and people who help our club function

Committee for 2018 - 2019

Office Bearers

President:         David Over - president@birdclub.org.au

Vice President: Shayne Speechley - vicepresident@birdclub.org.au
Secretary:         David White - secretary@birdclub.org.au

Treasurer:         Glenice Harbert - treasurer@birdclub.org.au


Bob Gillespie 

Kevin Gibson

David Whaley

Brian Sullivan 

John Emery

John Impey

Graham Harbert

Stacey Gelis


Program Coordinator: David Whaley and Bob Gillespie - programco@birdclub.org.au
Exchange Steward: Graham Harbert - exchange@birdclub.org.au
Membership Registrar: David White membership@birdclub.org.au
Librarian: Shayne Speechley
VAC Representatives: David Whaley - Shayne Speechley
Magazine Co-ordinators: Shayne Speechley & David White - editor@birdclub.org.au

Schools Program: Graham Harbert
Social Events Coordinator: Brian Sullivan 
Meeting Co-ordinator: Eddie Reynolds
Electronic Media: Shayne Speechley
Catering Co-ordinator: Robyn Peck
Membership Registrar: David White membership@birdclub.org.au
Historian:  Kevin Gibson
Lost and Found Birds: David Whaley
Bird Sale Coordinator: David Whaley


Statements of purposes

1.  The study of Australian and foreign birds.

2.  The conservation of Australian birds at liberty and in captivity.

3.  The promotion of hygienic keeping, scientific feeding and breeding of birds in the best and most natural conditions possible.

4.  The arranging of lectures by visiting and local aviculturists and naturalists on matters relating to the selection, care and treatment
      of indigenous and foreign birds.
5.  The dissemination of Avicultural information.

6.  The cultivation of friendly relations with societies and clubs having similar objects.

7.  All birds shall come within the scope of the societies activities.

8. The society shall be of a non competitive nature.


The Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society was formed on the 19th September 1983, with the purpose of providing a means of bringing together like minded people who enjoy the hobby of aviculture.

From the two A4 pages of our first news letter which unfortunately is undated but was published between Feb 1984 and April 1984


In commencing this our first Newsletter, let me say how pleasing it is to me to see what marvelous progress has been made in the formation and development of our Society. It was February 1983 when John Dorris spoke to myself, the seed was sown, the challenge taken up, a lot of phone calls etc., and our first meeting was held at Mornington Community Contact House on the 24 August 1983. It was there that it was decided to continue and that a Society be formed. 16 people attended that inaugural meeting. It was with the optimism of this group that it was thought we would need a bigger meeting place, and so we have been meeting each month at Room 64 Mt. Martha House.

On the 19 September 1983 The Mornington Peninsula Avicultural Society was officially formed. Since then we have been continuing to meet the 3rd Monday of the Month commencing at 7.30 p.m. except the period of daylight saving time, when we have been starting at 8.00 p.m. An average attendance has been around 30, which is really quite encouraging, considering the short period of time we have been going.

Kevin G Gibson.