Monthly Meetings
If you are interested in keeping and breeding birds as much as we are, then we welcome you to join us.
We meet at 8pm on the 3rd Monday of each month at:
The New Peninsula Baptist Church Lounge, 370 Craigie Rd (Near Mooruduc Highway), Mt Martha, Melway 146 A11.
Our General Meetings usually consist of a Standard Meeting Agenda followed by a guest speaker.
We then draw our monthly raffle consisting of many great prizes. This is followed by supper for all.
We welcome any visitors that wish to attend and members of other clubs. 

Next Monthly Meeting - Monday 20th November

Guest speaker is George Poulos, President of the Melbourne Canary Improvement Society.
George is also a panel judge for Border Fancy Canaries and

Life Member of the Victorian Border Fancy Club.
His talk will be on breeding and exhibiting Border Fancy Canaries.
Our fantasic monthly raffle is open to all that attend.
Meeting starts at 8pm

October 16th Meeting
Three Members conducted short presentations on Finches.

September 18th AGM
Annual General Meeting
Election of Committe Members for the next 12 months.
Member Auction Night

August 21st Meeting
Guest Speaker: John Lenagan
Topic - Mindo Cloud Forests of Ecuador and their amazing Humming Birds 

July 17th Meeting
Guest Speaker: Russel McAllister
Topic: Conures
Russell has been keeping bird for over 50 years with experiance breeding and keeping
many finch species, parrots and soft bills.
Russell has returned to keeping Conures five years ago and now keeps most species available.
His presentation covered the species, their housing, feeding and rearing.

June 19th Meeting
Guest Speaker: David White (MPAS member)
Topic - “Keeping and breeding Pacific Parrotlets ”

Life Member of MPAS, David spoke on Pacific Parrotlets with live birds on display.

David has kept and bred birds for 40+ years, perhaps better known in finch breeder circles, he has also kept many species of parrot over the years. He has kept many rare birds and spent a lot of time getting to understand colour genetics. Feeding and housing are important facets of his breeding program and will form a big part of his presentation along with some basic genetics of the birds.

May 15th Meeting
Guest Speaker: Dr Kate Charlton-Robb.
Topic - Dolphins of Port Philip Bay

Kate is the founding Director and principal researcher of the Aust Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation.
Her PhD research resulted in the formal classification of the Burranan Dolphin as a new species....

April 18th Meeting
    Guest Speaker: Michael Johnson
Moonlit Sanctuary
Michael will be speaking about the background, current operations and future plans for the Sanctuary.
The birds at the Sanctuary and the Orange-bellied Parrot Breeding program.

March 20th Meeting
Dr Stacey Gelis
Presented the Revised and updated VAC Code of Pratice for Bird Sales and new MPAS Bird Sale Code.

Feb 20th Meeting -
Ron Moore (MPAS member):
                                 Re-constructing and building new aviaries for parrots
Ron talked about renovations he has made to his existing aviaries to house larger parrots.
Plus new aviaries he has constructed .
Ron has been keeping birds for 56 years and a member of our club for over 25 years.
This was a very informative talk.

January Meeting - 16th of January 
Meeting featured talks by members.
Steven Lee - Ordamental and antique cages
Bob Gillespie - Display and show cages


At every monthly meeting we conduct a Raffle with great prizes. Funds raised are directly used for the operation of the Club.


The MPAS library is available at monthly meetings

We have a range of books and DVD's available to financial MPAS members. Items can be borrowed for a maximum of two months.


A range of Club Merchandise is available for purchase and order at every monthly meeting

Shirts - Jumpers - Caps - Mugs

Speak to Peter Rankin

Exchange Steward
Our Exchange steward is available at monthly meetings to help with the purchase and sale of birds.
Contact can be made via email to -

We always finish every meeting with a social supper amongst good company.

See map below.

Annual Dinner

We enjoy an annual social evening each year usually around Christmas for all members to attend.

Gereral Meeting January 2015
General Meeting January 2014